Price list for mouse lines generation for external clients (internal IIMCB users can find the price list here):

Type of mutation Basic cost of the service PRICE

The difference in price between academic and commercial users is solely due to the different level of fees independent of IIMCB

Academic and Non-Profit Institutions Commercial users
Knock-out mouseline (frameshift or deletion of gene fragment) PLN 26 214 PLN 27 000 PLN 30 408
Point mutation or insertion of small size DNA fragment (up to 850 bp) PLN 29 268 PLN 30 000 PLN 33 951
Insertion of medium size DNA fragment (up to 1350 bp) PLN 33 981 PLN 35 000 PLN 39 418
Insertion of large size DNA fragment (up to 2350 bp) PLN 38 835 PLN 40 000 PLN 45 049
Insertion of very large DNA fragment (>2350 bp) Upon request Upon request Upon request
Insertion of LoxP sites PLN 50 485 PLN 52 000 PLN 58 563
Other projects Upon request Upon request Upon request

Mouse lines can be generated in the following genetic backgrounds: C57BL6/6JRj, C57BL6/J/cmdb, C57BL6/6NRj, BALB/cJRj, B6CBAF1/JRj. Other mouse lines are available upon request and may be subject to additional fees.

The price includes the whole process of mouse line generation.
In particular:

  • Mutation strategy design
  • Preparation of proposal to the ethical committee
  • Preparation of sgRNA, Cas9 mRNA and donor DNA (if used)
  • Injection of sgRNA and Cas9 mRNA into zygotes of desired genetic background, to generate F0 mutated candidate animals.
  • Embryotransfer to donor mice
  • Founder screening
  • Germline breeding of F0 founder animals
  • Sequence analysis of germline transmitted N1 animals

Clients are provided several 4-5 weeks old N1 generation (heterozygotic) mice. Price does not include taxes and the cost of shipping.

Insertion of mutations into difficult loci (high GC content, repetitive sequences) may be charged with extra fee.
If harmful phenotype is expected in heterozygotic mutants, extra fee will be applied.