Mouse gene editing has been revolutionized by CRISPR, which has opened new possibilities for understanding genes and phenotypes. Since 2014 we have successfully created over 90 different mouse lines, including:
– Gene knock-outs
– Point mutation mouse lines
– Knock-in mouse lines
– Conditional knock-outs
– dTag system models

Genome Engineering Unit works with investigators to achieve optimal outcomes for each project. We provide our services to both internal IIMCB and external clients. We highly encourage all researchers interested in using genetically modified mouse models to contact us and discuss their projects.
Our service includes:
– Design of the mutagenesis strategy
– Preparation of the reagents
– Microinjection of CRISPR mix into zygotes and transfer of microinjected embryos into surrogate mouse
– Screening of founder pups
– Breeding of founders (founder x WT)
– Genotyping and sequencing of F1 mice